The FERTIHOUSE product catalogue has been designed to meet the needs of plants at any time of the year and in any phenological state.

FERTIHOUSE UNIVERSAL is a complete solution that provides all the primary and secondary macros in addition to micronutrients, with a nitrogen/potassium ratio of two, which allows a normal development of the different phases of the vegetative cycle of any type of plant; vegetative growth, flowering, setting, ripening and fattening of fruits.

But for those specialized growers who want to exploit to the maximum the full genetic potential of their plants we have developed a series of specific products for each moment of the vegetative cycle.

1.-FERTIHOUSE KELP. We have an extract of maximum Eklonia with a balanced phytohormone content that acts as a powerful cell multiplier. Especially indicated in rooting phase via root and in flowering phase applied in foliar spraying.

2.-FERTIHOUSE VEGETATIVE GROWTH. Complete solution of macros and micronutrients with a nitrogen/potassium ratio of three, to maximize the vegetative growth of our plants.

3.-FERTIHOUSE FLOWERING. Complete solution of macros and micronutrients with a nitrogen/potassium ratio of 1.2 to induce the plant to enter a generative state and cause a powerful flowering.

4.-FERTIHOUSE MATURATION AND FATTENING. Solution of phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients that give the signal to the plant to migrate its photoassimilated to the reserve organs.

5.-FERTIHOUSE ORGANIUM. Liquid mixture of amino acids and algae extract to help and enhance the plant in those moments or phases of maximum metabolic activity.

Well, by combining the last 4 products we can maximize the performance of our plants efficiently. Next, I leave you an example of how to act with a plant that throughout its life goes through a cycle in which different phases follow, each of them with specific nutritional requirements: