The pepper cycle if we have it protected, can start in December with the transplant, start to have fruits in March and we can withstand the crop until the summer, always depending on the varieties. If we have no way to protect the plants we will go to transplant in May outdoors.

  1. Transplantation – 3 ml ORGANIUM + 3 ml KELP.
  2. First cross. 30-35 days. – 3 ml CRECIMIENTO VEGETATIVO.
  3. Second cross. 45-65 days. – 4 ml CRECIMIENTO VEGETATIVO.
  4. Start flowering. 65-100 days. – 5 ml FLORACIÓN.
  5. Fattening phase and fruit ripening. 110-130 days. – 5 ml FLORACIÓN + 3 ml MADURACIÓN Y ENGORDE.

From the first cut of peppers the balance to be used will only be 5 ml of FLOWERING, providing 3 ml of RIPENING AND EXTRA FATTENING in the last phase of ripening of the fruit. We will make a weekly application of 2 ml of ORGANIUM.