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The cultivation of the land has been the most important source of wealth for man since the dawn of humanity and the greatest demonstration of love for mother earth and water. Both elements have provided us with what we need to meet our needs.

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For all the needs of your orchards and gardens

We have an assistance service to home or orchards for the Region of Murcia personally to solve all your problems.

Garden maintenance

You can contact us, read our blog that we update with articles daily or also, you can ask us to go to your house for what your plants need.

Maintenance of orchards

What you need to know about your garden you can learn in our specialized blog. And, if you have more doubts or questions leave them in the comments: we will answer.

Planting and pruning

Don’t know how to improve your garden and your garden? You’ve come to the right place. We teach you. You can learn on our blog or ask us to come to your house.

Crop Services

We are a company with many years of experience in taking advantage of all types of high-yield plantations. Just ask us.

We have created the best line of both mineral and organic fertilizers on the market for you.

Most of us were born in a water-rich environment without really understanding the importance of this. The connection that farmers have had with the land has led them to be the best protectors of the environment. In these times in which land and water have become containers of the planet’s garbage, it is urgent to develop a conservationist agriculture and in this URBAN AGRICULTURE plays a very important role, one of the greatest development potentials of any modern country. Growing our own food, apart from being one of the best occupations of body and mind is the healthiest way to provide us with a part of our sustenance. In FERTIHOUSE we are going to show you the most modern fertigation techniques so that you can see that a correct management of water and nutrients is the solution to the environmental problem and not the cause. And remember that the land is not an inheritance from our parents, but a loan from our children.

We are your personal agricultural assistant and we go to your house

We know they need the plants in your garden and garden. Contact us to solve all your problems. We’re not just going. We also carry the necessary material!

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Gardens for home

From a pot with a plant given away at Christmas to a garden where you can play a football game with the whole family. They all comply with the same principles that govern nature. At Fertihouse we help you solve your problems and make your plants healthier than ever with our knowledge and products designed and produced to make our gardens an Eden.

Plant, grow, prune

Plants require specific care that we are going to teach you to do in a simple way to make gardening an entertaining hoby.

Quality fertilizers. Healthy plants.

Our fertilizers and fertilizers are designed with methods that respect the environment and return the soil to its health. Thus, the plants in our garden plants grow healthier for longer.
We develop all our products thanks to our extensive experience in high-performance agriculture and in the care of the garden of our house, our pots, our love for the countryside.
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“¡Gracias a los productos de Fertihouse mi jardin esta mejor que nunca!»

En mi jardin paso muchas horas cada día. Me gustan las plantas. Ahora, con los productos fertihouse están mejor que nunca.

«Incredible! With a single product I have managed to make my plants more alive»

«The plants in your house deserve the best care. Our products provide them to you»

If you do not know which fertilizers to use, when to use them. Just contact us and we will give you the best solution to each problem.

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